You can download, print and share the one-page informational fact sheet on the Hospital Community Health Needs Index here.

How are other organizations using health equity tools to address needs in the community?

Sutter Health’s Institute for Advancing Health Equity developed an innovative Health Equity Index that uses real-time EHR data and dynamic population health trends to uncover opportunities for addressing disparities within their system. They then partnered with local health centers to create a community-based program that has connected at-risk patients with specialty health care providers. Read more about their work here.


Article: A Hospital Social Needs Index Would Help Hospitals Collaborate to Address Social Needs and Health Equity

Hospitals have the power to improve the lives of individual patients AND the communities in which those patients live. Along with partners at IBMCynosure Health is using data to help hospitals understand how they can maximize their investments in improving outcomes. Check out the latest from our CEO, Bruce Spurlock, in Health Affairs. Read the full article here:
Stay tuned for more updates from Cal Healthcare Compare on how data can be utilized to assist hospitals and complement their work in community health affairs.